Another famous recipe for weight loss is seaweed rich in iodine. It is necessary for the normal and rational of the thyroid gland. If the process of the thyroid gland or knocked it does not function, it leads to excess weight.

Just in food diet includes foods rich in proteins. After all, for the formation of muscle needs this same protein. The more muscle mass in the body, the more fat is burned and faster, even if you are resting. Foods rich in protein – it’s turkey, chicken breast, fish, and egg protein. Just contribute to weight loss vitamins B5 and B6, chromium and iron, which are contained in beef liver, which promotes rapid weight loss. Article Source by:

All vitamins all contribute to the good work of the body, increase hemoglobin, which in turn helps to get rid of extra pounds without putting them into “bins.”

Exercises for a flat stomach – Flat stomach is the result of diet and exercise agree, when you have tummy bulges more and more, and you are not happy expectant mother, then there is no good and decorating our body. Dissolve belly was easy, but now, it will have to pull in earnest work. The desired result will be achieved through a balanced diet and daily physical activity with special exercises that strengthen the abdominal muscles.